Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meeting Your Organizing Goals: A Little Help Never Hurts

Getting organized is on just about every top 10 New Year resolution list I've looked at. It's right up there with getting fit and losing weight. Unfortunately, it's also one that often goes by the wayside as the year progresses, but it certainly doesn't need to!  I have heard people comment that hiring a professional organizer is something they wouldn't do because they know how to organize. "It's not rocket science."  And that's true. It's not. That doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't use help. You can know all about HOW to clean, but that doesn't mean you have the time or the inclination to do it on your own.

To meet fitness goals, many people hire personal trainers. To lose weight, they join diet/nutrition support groups.   A personal trainer provides ideas, motivation and tips to ensure every move brings you closer to your goal. They (well, the good ones) are  non-judgmental with just enough butt-kicking to get you in gear. They keep you from quitting when you just feel like grabbing a snack or a nap (or both!).  They help you stay focused. You may know how to exercise, but wouldn't necessarily work as hard or efficiently if you were on your own. The same is true of diet/nutrition support groups.  They take what you know and add to it.  They offer support and accountability. Professional organizers can provide just the right amount of help to meet that goal of an organized life. Professional organizers can often save you time and sometimes money. Save money? Yes, you might just find money in that clutter.  It could literally be actual cash money, or gift cards, in the piles, but there are other ways.  You will find you're not re-buying items you already own, but just couldn't find.  Bills can be paid on time without late fees because you have a system. Items that need to be returned to the store can be found and refunded. You get the idea.

This can be the year you meet your organizational goals - declutter, use a space better, reinvent a space, get on top of paperwork.  I can't guarantee you won't sweat...maybe you'll get fit and lose weight at the same time! Well, one thing at a time...

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